When I was eight years old, I held my first camera. Little did I know later on I would be photographing the most important day of a person's life. 

At sixteen years old, I captured my first wedding. I was eager and up for the challenge. It was the new people and unfamiliar places that excited me. With the help of my uncle, I saw my first success in the industry. 

You and I are similar. We share the same desire for beautiful things because they intrigue us. We seek things that bring more meaning, fulfillment and greater beauty. Throughout my life, I have been on this journey for these things. 

Though they were taken over three decades ago, they looked as if they could have been taken yesterday.

That same year, I attended Toronto Fashion Week to capture vibrant and original designs. This included bridal dress designers and other women's and men's fashion. My fashion and editorial work has allowed me to work with top fashion brands. These experiences have elevated my work to capture models in stunning gowns and adornments in beautiful locations.

Wandering about in my family's cabinet, I found my parents wedding photographs taken in the early 90's. They kept me intrigued. I stopped and held onto each photograph, analyzing the film. It was far from the quick digitalized world of scrolling instagram. Though they were taken over two decades ago, they looked as if they could have been taken yesterday. I seek to emulate images that are timeless and elegant for years to come. 



My goal is to use every photograph I take to leave the world looking a little bit more beautiful. 


Josiah Ryland

economics graduate

Support the mission in Dominican Republic to relieve communities in poverty.

In 2016, I flew to DR to assist the effort to alleviate families and children facing poverty.

Learn about mission 2535

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